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Fun Times

Hi guys guess what?I’m at my grama’s house!I’ve been mostly chilling out with my buddy Waldo.He’s a sweetheart. Well I’m out of things to say.Do you guys like anime?Tell me in the comments beloooooow.


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Hey,me again.I just looked at my sketch book and I wanted to know if those of you who keep up with this blog if you wanted to see whats in my sketch book.There’s a lot of pictures in it and if I do say so myself most of them are not half bad.I have been told I’m a good artist so just put’n that out there for you.bye!

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Have You Ever…?

Hi,Random Pony here to ask you a few things to see if you’ve done them.Have you ever fallen in love…,er let me rephrase that,have you ever had a crush on a cartoon character?Have you ever obsessed over something so much you start to walk around with and talk to someone from that thing?Have you ever seen faces in your vents at late night?Have you ever seen strange figures in the corner of your eye?Have you ever been so angry at someone that you wanted to slit their throats?Please your answers in the comments below,please I need to know if other people do these things,or if I’m just totally insane.

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Sometimes life sucks,kind of like today,…er,at least for me.I slept in really late i didn’t have breakfast,then I got really hungry,I felt hopeless and lost trying to do my school work,I tried to look good today and guess what happened…the wind blew my hair right in my face,and I was wearing lip balm!Yah,so today hasn’t been the best…but wait!Thea day isn’t over yet,maybe there’s still a chance!This is Random Pony seining off,er well this post that is.

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Chibi Tales

Hello guys it’s Random Pony here to tell you guys that my sister Wachiwi or Chibi made a story where Cilen from Pokemon turns into a girl.If you want to hear more about it let me know.If enough people want to hear about her story,then I will post it for you guy.Also one more thing,I am currently at the library jamming out to Vocaliod music. 🙂