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Sometimes life sucks,kind of like today,…er,at least for me.I slept in really late i didn’t have breakfast,then I got really hungry,I felt hopeless and lost trying to do my school work,I tried to look good today and guess what happened…the wind blew my hair right in my face,and I was wearing lip balm!Yah,so today hasn’t been the best…but wait!Thea day isn’t over yet,maybe there’s still a chance!This is Random Pony seining off,er well this post that is.


Author: randompony03

I LOVE to draw,I'm a totall anime dork.My favorite animes are Kalido Star,Pokemon,Humaniod Monster Bem,and that's it.I make alot of OC's.I like MyLittlePony and I'm not ashamed of it.My username was inspired by my pony OC Random Screech.I LIKE CATBUG!!!

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  1. I’m sorry honey; tomorrow will be better.


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