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Hey guys,…I gave myself a profile picture but it seems that the website is having problems.I look over at were my picture is,…but I just see the blank person with a gray background thingy.


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Pokemon Dare Show Chapter3:Welcome Enderman!

R/H:”Hi guys we’re back again!And we have a new darer!Welcome,…Enderman6589!By the way all the effects from last time are gone.”


R/H:”So what do you have for us beboo?”

Enderman:”Don’t call me that!Anyways,Cilen I dare you to stop being so weird”


Enderman:”Do it!Do it or I’ll dare you to do something worse!”

Cilen:”Okay,I’ll do it”

Enderman:”Good.Ash,..who is your father?”

Ash:”I don’t know,he ran away before I was born”

R/H:(Quietly)”just like what happened to my dad…”

Enderman:”Alright my work here is done”

Ender telepatory(not even a word)things appear around him and he disappears.


Everyone cringes at how loud the summoning was

Chibi opens the door,walks in,shuts the door,and says hello to her older sister Helena.

R/H:”Hi Chibah,you may let down your rain of terror on these unsuspecting people”

Chibi:Laughs like a goblin while showing off her goblin teeth in a wide grin.”Ash,I want you to wear a dress!>:D”

Ash:Sighs.(muttered)”Why must you do these things to me?”Gets up and walks out of the room.Comes back wearing a casual dress.(Yes,these are real)

Chibi:”Now I want Cilen to look at the pictures I drew of him” :3

Cilen:”Shouldn’t be that bad”

R/H:”Come,I’ll tell you the stories that go with them”

Cilen:”They have stories?”


Chibi:”What do you think Cilen?Cute right?”

Cilen”You have uh,a very…..creative imagination”

Chibi:”Thank you!Iris you have to read a book to Axue”


Ash/Cilen:”Why does she get all the easy dares?”

Iris:”Because I’m awesome,now Axue!”

Axue scurries up to Iris and hops on her lap

Iris:”Alright Axue I’m gonna tell you a story”


Iris strokes Axue’s back as he sleeps on her lap.

Chibi:”Alright I want Trip to fall over” 😀

Trip:”No way an I doing that”Suddenly Trip falls down as if a ghost pushed him.

Laughs are heard around the room.

Chibi:Giggles”Ash put on lipstick”Giggles some more.

Ash:”I put some on last time!I’m not going through that again”

R/H:”Then you leave us no choice,Ash”Gives Chibi lipstick.(whispered)”go put this on Ash”

Chibi walks up to Ash,Helena pins him down and Chibi scribbles lipstick on Ash’s lips.

Chibi:”Giggles uncontrollably”James I want you to slap your own face”Laughs really loud.

James:”What “I’m not going to do that”Suddenly James’ hand and arm involuntarily makes him slap himself.

Chibi:”Jessie sit in a stroller”Laughs really loud again.

Jessie:”I’ll never do that”Then Jessie is pushed into a stroller by a magical force.Also she gets stuck in the stroller so now she has to wait for the episode to end.

Chibi:Laughs really loud.”Meowth I get to squeeze hug you until the episodes over!”


Chibi pounces Meowth and squeezes him tight.

Chibi:”I love you Meowth”Squeezes Meowth tighter.

Meowth:”CCCCKKAAAHHHH!(faintly)”help me!”


James:”What do you want now?”Starts to scoot away from Chibi.

Chibi:”What are you gonna do for Halloween?”

James:”Oh,that’s simple,me,Jessie,and Meowth are going to set up a fake costume shop for peoples pokemon so that we can steal them.We’re also hoping that the twerp and his friends are going to show up so we can have Pikachu,but we’re hoping they won’t ruin that”Put his hands over his mouth realizing what he just did.

Jessie:”You idiot!You let everybody hear our plan!”

R/H:”He,he,looks like you need a plan B”


Chibi:”That’s all I had”Lets go of Meowth.

Meowth gasps for air.

Chibi:”Bye everybody”Chibi disappears.

Trip:”Good riddance”


RH:”Don’t insult my sister Trip!Keep this as a reminder”(muttered)”Jerk)

Helena the punches Trip so hard it causes his nose to bleed.


*End of Transmission*

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Pokemon Dare Show Chapter 2:Welcome Chibi

R/H:Hi guys!We’re back and we have our first truth or darer,my sister,drum roll please,”

A drum roll plays.

R/H:”Chibi!So what do you have for us Chibi?,”

Chibi:”Dares,lots of dares.,”

Iris:”That’s your sister?She’s so cute!How old is she?,”

R/H:”She’s 4,”Rolls eyes.

Iris:”So what do you have for us Chibi?,”Smiles.

Chibi:”Alright,Ash I dare you to put on makeup!,”Grins widely.

Ash:”What!?No way I refuse,”

R/H:”Sorry dude dems the rules.You can go into the bathroom and do it,”Snaps fingers.Grins widely.”I’ve already set it up for you,”

Ash walks out of the room and comes back later,with yes makeup on.He sits down and crosses his arms.He tries to ignore the laughter coming from everyone else in the room.

Chibi:”Next,Cilen turn into a pony,”


Cilen becomes a peach earthpony,his shirt and vest combo are the only cloths that remain.His cutiemark is a green pokeball symbol.Everyone then laughs again.

Chibi:”Ok,Iris now you have to take Axue out of your hair,”

Iris:”Easy,”Reaches into hair and pulls out Axue.

Axue:”Ax ax ue ue!,”(put me down)

Iris puts Axue down and he scurries away.

Chibi:”Last one!I want Trip here!,”

Trip apears

Trip:Blink”Where am I,”Feels someone tap him on the back and turns around.


Trip stumbles back from the blow.

R/H:”That’s what you get for being such a jerk in the past!,”

*end of transmission*

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The Pokemon Dare Show Chapter 1 Welcome

(Setting:It’s pitch black but then a light comes on and a there’s a brunette haired girl with green eyes,freckles,and a pokeball sweater.There’s a bunk bed behind her, a dresser to her left,and a bed to her right)

?:”Hi guys I’m Random Pony or Helena witch ever one you like.Today I’m bored so I’ve decided to do a dare show.,” Snaps fingers,”And here are our contestants:Ash,Iris,Cilen,Misty,Dawn,Brock,James,Jessie,and everybody’s pokemon from all the seasons their in.,”Turns to the contestants and waves.”So we are ready for questions and stuff.Bye :)!,”

Ash:”What do you mean ‘questions and stuff’?

R/H:Quiet!The episode is over!

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My school gets in the way of my life!…That’s mostly my fault though…T^T.If I could get done faster I’d have time for things like,drawing,posting things for you guys,and umm….working a certain something that’s in my notebook that I’m not going to tell you.Okay I’ll give you a hint it’s kind of a story thing…BYEEEEE!