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My New Jam

Yep I’ve got a new jam! It’s called Pinke’s Brew. Now,some of you are probably groaning,but no! Check it out. It’s really not as bad as it sounds. I really like it. Sometimes it makes me better. The only problem I have with it is that it’s kinda short. It makes me a little sad when it’s over. Well I don’t about you but just a little earlier I got attacked by my little sister. Also I’m sorry that I haven’t updated lately I’ve just been really busy. Well I’m gonna have pizza in a little bit. Also I’ve started a dream journal. Bye.


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See I told you I would be posting stuff more often! I’m still continuing to draw in my recreated Invader Zim style. Also I’m sick now. My throught is still soar and when I swallow it makes me sweat a little. I should be fine. Man I can’t believe I messed up so much wall trying to type should! I’m still listening to Flutter Shy’s lament wall I type my posts. I just never get tired of it. I have never typed this fast before! I’m actually a little proud of myself. 🙂 Last time posted something I accidentally made everything super big and bold. I didn’t know what I did wrong! But just now I figured out what it was. I had pressed Ctrl 1. Glad I figured that one out. well that’s all,bye!

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 Okay things haven’t been entirely awesome. My brother is really sick I have a soar throught and I’m shaking in my hands(And that’s definitely not helping me type) and,…IT’S FREAKING COLD!!! i am once again listening to Flutter Shy’s Lament. Dang it! Now my hands are cold! (Sigh)I should probably stop complaining to you. Well yesterday I pretty much just sat around and watched The Office. I drew a bunch of Invader Zim themed drawings. I kinda redid the disine and made them smaller with rounder heads and eyes,also thicker outlines. I think it looks really nice. If you want I can ask my mom to take pictures and upload them onto the computer so you can see them. Well guess what? I’m gonna start posting things more often. Bye!

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Fluttershy’s Lament

I would like to be a tree.tree,tree,tree. Ooh,ho,oh,oh to be a tree. Your such a loud mouth.

YAH! I love that song! It’s called Fluttershy’s  Lament. All MLP fans that read this blog check it out on YouTube. I would to be a tree,tree,tree,tree. Ooh,ho,oh,oh to be a tree. Your such a loud mouth. Are you a chicken? I bet you can’t beet me,me,me,me. I love it so much in fact that I’m listening to it right now and mouthing along to it. Oh,that would be wonderful! Filled with so,so,o,o,o,o,o. In it’s spell,spell,spell. Filled with so,so,o,o,o,o,o. In it’s spell,spell,spell. Boy I love,b,b,b,b,boy I love. It’s ameelee. Boy I love,b,b,b,b,boy I love. It’s ameelee. I don’t even know how many times I’ve listened to this now. Now I know how to call a chicken! Scoo,oo,o,o,taloo,oo. Scoo,oo,o,o,tala-a.Scoo,oo,o,o,o,taloo,oo. Come on guys! Home,chicken. Well now I’m probably boring you. Random Pony sighning off.