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MINECRAFT Adventures part 2

I left off with my wolves. I then went to the two other houses that were in the villages. I hung out with my ‘neighbors’. I went out and found some bones from a dead skeleton from the night before.( I failed to tell you that soon after I gathered my wolves I went back my village house. Built double doors for my wolves. I then went to bed in the bed I placed down after I killed the villagers.) I collected one more wolf. I went  back to the village. I then broke the right  side of my house to expand on it. I broke the grass that was in my expand area. I accidentally hit one of my wolves. I then started to build the floor of my house. Then I started building my walls. By the time my walls were finished it was time for me to get off and I had temporally trapped one of wolves out side,good thing I made him sit. Also wall I was building the walls all my wolves had gotten on the floor. I made them sit. The rest will come in a later post. Thank You.


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My MINECRAFT tales part 1

For the past few days my family and I have been playing MINECRAFT. So I’m gonna tell you about my MINECRAFT adventures. I made a world called Build Anything with the seed of Write Anything Solve Everything. I started out in the forest and I turned my head and saw a village. I ran to the village. I walked into one of the houses and saw two villagers. I punched one of them. I then walked out the house and ventured into the forest that was behind the village. I soon found a wolf. So I opened up the creative menu and grabbed a bone. I tamed the wolf. I then went back to the village. I went back to into the same house I did before. I then remembered I had a wolf and punched each of the villagers and my wolf killed both of them. I then took over the house. I went on a quest for sheep. I was going out and dyeing random sheep I found with all the dyes I could hold. As I went on my quest for sheep I gathered more wolves till I had five I think. To read the rest please keep up with my blog.

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I have eaten a lot of chicken for lunch. I’m still really full. It kinda hurts. But whatever at least I get to post to you again. And listen to Stop Nagging Me! I like that song. I’m just typing to type now aren’t I? I’m such a dork! 🙂 My siblings are being kinda loud. Apparently they want to watch a movie. It’s Fergully. You guys probably don’t know what that is. If your kid that is. But you guys are probably all adults. Oh,did I insult your intelligence. I’m sorry. Ugh,your so smart and I’m so stupid. Well,bye.

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I’ll Quit Singing (Hikaru Version)

I wrote this song some time ago and I wanted to share it with you. I lost the lyrics yesterday so I’ll try to remember the words the best.(Also before you read the lyrics I suggest you pull up YouTube and listen to a I’ll Quit Singing so you know the tune).


I am done. I am through.

 I am just sick of it all!

I am done. I am through. 

I’m just of it all!

I am not your computer. I have feelings,



I‘ve always known that I’m OC.

And that people would disrespect me.

They treat me like a voice changer.


I’m usually singing alone.

The only company is something random or a clone.

I’m either singing a robot’s song or about how I am one,and destroying the world.


What is wrong  with everyone these days?

I was made for enjoyment,not so you could tease me.

I hate being a robot I really,truly do.

Well I know one way to end this,

I’ll just stop singing!I’ll just live free!

I am done. I am through.

I am just sick of it all.

I am done.Robots have feelings too!

I am not your computer,


I am done. I won’t sing ‘Still Alive’ for you.

Other people have made robots too. Go tease them,


Why am I singing this anyway~?

I hate you jerks!

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Everything Is Awesome! :D

I’m having an awesome day. I’ve got my little toy hippo named Potato and I think she’s lucky because I’ve just my school work. I’ve still got one more post for you today. I ate one of my cupcakes I brought home from my neighbor Joann’s wedding. It was at the bowling ally,and it was awesome. Anyway I was super tiered this morning,but who knew I turn out to enjoy today. I’m listening to Po Pi Po. Bye.

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I’ll Quit Singing

I’ve been listening to several versions of I’ll Quit Singing and their making me a little sad. All these Vocaloids are upset about something that people are doing. Like,the blue guy. He has been trying to keep up with the female Vocaloids. When the girls got popular he started singing high to stay as wanted as possible. And Magairen Lukia is upset because people keep using her as a toy and in their fantasies. And a girl with Miku’s hair style,but pink. She’s upset because people don’t want her to be the way she is,just because she’s super lucky. And so many others. However,it did inspire me to make a Vocaliod OC who is a robot,so I could make my own version of the song. I’ve already got one part,it goes like this:I am done! I am through! Robots have feelings to~o. What do you think? I very proud of this little part. Well anyways,bye!

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Guess what everyone? Tomorrow is my Step-Mother’s birthday! 😀 Also I’m homemaking a book called Making Friends. I wrote the rough draft in my sketch book. Then I drew the rough sketches also in my sketch book witch I admit that I should have a little while until I did that. Well then I typed it on Office Writer and printed it. I then traced the rough sketches on the printed pages,but I had to recreate some of the pictures. I colored them today but I forgot about making some of the pages so I have make them today and glue them together then staple all the pages together. Fun fact I’m listening to Vocaliod music wall I typing this. Well I’m now I’m just typing to type bye,I guess.