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Alright this is all RandomPony,for once. Ugh! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to type. But good news I’ve been watching a lot of ponies. And it’s been great. Also for school I have to write a book. And It’s gonna be great. Man I don’t  have a lot to say. No wonder My creations and dimension friends thought it would be a good idea to type stuff on here. I’m really boring. That’s probably the reason I don’t have followers. Well one of. Whatever,these things don’t happen over night. Goodbye!


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The twin’s Post

R: Hey Lenny,Come look at this! L:What is this?R: It’s Creator’s blog! L:Oh,well then I suppose we should let her followers know a little more about us. R:Yah,Wait, how do we know how to work this thing? L:Uh,probably because creator gave us the knowledge without  us knowing. R:Oh. L:Well anyways,I’m Lenny,.. R:And I’m Ring! like I was saying,we are some creations of who you know as RandomPony03. We call her creator. ..Ring it’s your turn to type! R:Oh,and we are for a game she and her siblings play called Altered. L:And we were based off of the Vocaliod twins,. R:Rin and Len. But trust me when I say we have our differences. L:And we Ring,stumbled apoun (did I spell that right?)creators blog. ..Actually Ring,how did you find this? R:Oh,you know,.. L:No,actually,I don’t know.’s a figure of speech,so like I was saying,I had this feeling that there would be this website. So I got on the computer and searched,and there it was! So I got on and showed you Lenny. L:Oh,well that explains a lot. Anywa-

WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING! Is that my blog!? Ring,stop typing what I’m saying! R:But I want to let your followers know what your saying… I don’t even have followers! Now both of you,get of the computer! Alright I’ll type more in a minuet,I’m gonna read what the typed…Oh my goodness,these guys are freaking adorable. I feel bad for yelling at them. Well they’ve put enough on here,bye. Well I’ll make the title for them.

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Len’s Post.

So this is Tokkie’s Blog. Oh sorry,that’s what we call her. In fact she’s on the couch ‘listening’ to one our songs. Wait your wondering who ‘she’ is. And who I am. Well she is the owner of this blog. The one you people know as RandomPony03. And I am Kagamine Len. It’s hard for some people to understand what I’m about explain. I even have a hard time fully understand. (Len! Stop jabbering on and tell them already.) This is how Tokkie Helena RandomPony explains it. She is a dimension master and can visit any dimension and summon any character from any dimension. And so I am one of the many she summoned. But her dimension master go activate without her doing it. So there are  accidental visits and summons. I was and accidental summon. Oh,and if your wondering why I said she was on the couch ‘listening’ to music. This is why:Mieku knocked her. They’re good friends,really,but they have their moments. I wonder if Tokkie will be mad at me for using her blog. Well I’m not the first. That orange Pegasus used it the last. Oh! I should explain how I got on here. Well,she just finished her school work(since she homeschools) and she typed in WordPress and then she got into the fight with Mieku. Mieku knocked her out. I got in the computer chair after dragging her out of it and to the couch. I got onto the site and it loaded with her already logged on. And I know she’s supposed to post twice a week. And so I decided to do this post. Besides,she is my close friend. Wait,why did I say that!? Ugh! Please don’t ship us. We really don’t appreciate all of the shipping. It’s really annoying and untrue. Rin is my twin sister,not my girlfriend. The boss may have said otherwise,but this is the truth. Well that’s all I really have. Bye.

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Take Over

Hey yall! (why did I type that?). Well anyway,I’m Random Screech. The pony this blog and it’s owner is named after. I do belong to Pony. But I noticed that there was nothing about me on this blog. I was furious! My own  creator using my name for both her blog and her user name. And not  putting nothing about me on it! Selfish much! I’m normally not the pony to call names(mainly because I was called names when I was a filly)but that is just rude. So I knocked her out and got onto her blog. She does give most of her creations her vital information. ‘ Is that so wrong she asks?!’ pfft,no. I mean if don’t us getting on her stuff. but we still do. You guys will probably will be hearing more from me. I’m listening to her music right now. It’s mainly Vocaliod music. There’s a lot of Kagamine Len and Rin songs here. I thought she liked Miku the best. Apparently not. Wait Len has a World is Mine?! I thought Miku sang that song! Wow Vocaliod sure likes to repeat itself. This chick is a weirdo. Well I guess she’d be OK with hearing that. Pony is proud of being a weirdo. Have any of you guys noticed that sometimes the Vocaliods sound different in some of their songs. How long have I been typing about Vocaliod? Well back to me. I have a family of my own. I’m happily married to Hunting Screech(used to be Call). We have one foal,she is a filly and a unicorn like her father. She is blind,but an amazing cream puff baker. In fact that’s her name. Creampuff. Some ponies were confused that she didn’t turn out as a alicorn. Because as I mentioned earlier her father is a unicorn,and I’m a Pegasus.(witch you didn’t know.) Well Pony’s waking up I gotta go,bye! Uh! Random! What did she put on here? Wow,nice grammar there Random. Random! You knocked me out! Once again,nice grammar. But who still does? YOU LISTENED TO MY MUSIC! Snooper. I like them. Kinda. I still like her a lot. Yes. She does. It sure does. Of course I am. They might have. A long time. And now you just go on about yourself. And your family. Wow,I’m sorry guys. Lets just hope no more of this happens.

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Sharing Stories

Sorry I haven’t put anything on here lately. But here’s some news:I got my hair cut,and I’m getting glasses. My hair was cut shorter than I wanted,but that’s because I wanted to donate to Locks of Love and I didn’t have enough hair to get cut to where I wanted it to be. At least it looks nice,and I didn’t get a pixie cut. I look awful with a pixie cut. But anyway,..I wanted to share something I wrote quite a while back. It’s called Dear Reader. You’ll see why when you read it. Hold on let me just get it up. ………………………………………………Alright I got it. This is what it says:

Dear Reader,

I was walking through the forest,like I normally do,when all of a sudden I smelt something…and someone. It smelt like tea and a human,a small human. Curious,i peeked through a bush and saw a little girl wearing a red cape with a hood and a tree branch design on the bottom. I recognized her,she was that little girl everyone called Little Red Ridding Hood. I decided to talk to her.  “What are you doing little girl?” I asked not using her name. The reason for this was because when someone you don’t know,knows your name it’s scary. And I did not wish to scare her. She looked up at me(because I was standing on my hind legs) with her dark yet bright brown eyes and said “I’m taking this basket of tea bags,a lemon half,and some honey to my sick grandma”. Then she smiled and skipped away humming a little tune to herself. I knew a short cut to a house at the end of the forest,I wasn’t sure if it was her grandma’s house. I went to check if it was,and to make sure nothing bad happened to them. When I got there Little Red was already there and talking with her grandma. I was leaning on the door to see through the tiny window that was on it. But unfortunately Granny didn’t latch the door good enough so when I leaned on it the door swung open,and I stumbled into the house screaming because I was not expecting the event to happen. Also when I came in I did not only frighten everyone else and cause them to scream but also make one of Granny’s spare caps fall onto my head. And apparently we made so much noise that nearby woodsman heard us,came in and whacked me over the head with the pole part of his axe and knocked me unconscious. Also eventually the news asked about what happened,but Little Red Ridding Hood was so shaken up she told the story all wrong. I was put on a chain so I wouldn’t attack anybody ‘like I did to the poor child and grandma’. And from then on my name was no longer good and they call me ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. So anytime you see my image anywhere used in that way remember this story I just told to you,and try to understand that I’m not big and bad.

-The Wolf