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Sorry I haven’t put anything on here lately. But here’s some news:I got my hair cut,and I’m getting glasses. My hair was cut shorter than I wanted,but that’s because I wanted to donate to Locks of Love and I didn’t have enough hair to get cut to where I wanted it to be. At least it looks nice,and I didn’t get a pixie cut. I look awful with a pixie cut. But anyway,..I wanted to share something I wrote quite a while back. It’s called Dear Reader. You’ll see why when you read it. Hold on let me just get it up. ………………………………………………Alright I got it. This is what it says:

Dear Reader,

I was walking through the forest,like I normally do,when all of a sudden I smelt something…and someone. It smelt like tea and a human,a small human. Curious,i peeked through a bush and saw a little girl wearing a red cape with a hood and a tree branch design on the bottom. I recognized her,she was that little girl everyone called Little Red Ridding Hood. I decided to talk to her.  “What are you doing little girl?” I asked not using her name. The reason for this was because when someone you don’t know,knows your name it’s scary. And I did not wish to scare her. She looked up at me(because I was standing on my hind legs) with her dark yet bright brown eyes and said “I’m taking this basket of tea bags,a lemon half,and some honey to my sick grandma”. Then she smiled and skipped away humming a little tune to herself. I knew a short cut to a house at the end of the forest,I wasn’t sure if it was her grandma’s house. I went to check if it was,and to make sure nothing bad happened to them. When I got there Little Red was already there and talking with her grandma. I was leaning on the door to see through the tiny window that was on it. But unfortunately Granny didn’t latch the door good enough so when I leaned on it the door swung open,and I stumbled into the house screaming because I was not expecting the event to happen. Also when I came in I did not only frighten everyone else and cause them to scream but also make one of Granny’s spare caps fall onto my head. And apparently we made so much noise that nearby woodsman heard us,came in and whacked me over the head with the pole part of his axe and knocked me unconscious. Also eventually the news asked about what happened,but Little Red Ridding Hood was so shaken up she told the story all wrong. I was put on a chain so I wouldn’t attack anybody ‘like I did to the poor child and grandma’. And from then on my name was no longer good and they call me ‘The Big Bad Wolf’. So anytime you see my image anywhere used in that way remember this story I just told to you,and try to understand that I’m not big and bad.

-The Wolf


Author: randompony03

I LOVE to draw,I'm a totall anime dork.My favorite animes are Kalido Star,Pokemon,Humaniod Monster Bem,and that's it.I make alot of OC's.I like MyLittlePony and I'm not ashamed of it.My username was inspired by my pony OC Random Screech.I LIKE CATBUG!!!

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