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Cool Things

DQ just came out with a new blizzard!(That’s just in case you didn’t know that already,you probably already did though T-T) And I got to try it today. It was really good. The only problem I had with it was that it was extremely melty and kept getting all over my fingers. So now they’re really sticky :P. We also got some stuff from our upstairs neighbors. There was some really cool stuff. Like there’s this piggy bank that looks a really big bottle of that Hershey ice cream sauce stuff. There’s also this phone that looks like a pair of lips. My brother got this raccoon hat. DON’T WORRY!! It’s faux.(ph-o) So yeah,that’s what I’ve done recently.


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Today has been great. I got up and took a shower today,as usual. I had to take it in the dark,because the bathroom light switch is broken. But the hallway light helps so it wasn’t completely dark. And I had pancakes for breakfast. They were really tasty. And I went to Gamers HQ today because they have these arcade games that you normally have to pay to play on,but today were free! My family and I walked into the arcade area and my brother sat down at Mortal Kombat. I looked at the game next to it. It was Street Fighter 3rd Strike. And I saw anime characters on the screen,fighting,so I sat down and decided to give it a try. I was looking at the characters and picked Chun-Le. I picked Yun as my first opponent. kicked his butt on the fist round,lost the second,and won the third. I won the fight. I was really happy,and now addicted. I played it the whole time. And played several different characters. Chun-Le,Makoto,Ibuki,Tweleve and …that was it. I played against my dad at one point. He beat me the first few times,but when I switched back to Chun-Le I beat him the rest of the times. Also this other family came and it was when I learned that it’s like ‘CONTINUE?’ if you press the single player button again you can continue from where you left off. The guys little girl came up said she wanted to play it to. She grabbed herself a stole and sat down. So I pressed the two player button and asked which character she wanted to play. She chose Elena,which happens to part of my name. I won,this because I had more experience and she was only like three or so. She left during the second fight. And so I was just beating up her character and not having any competition. But on the second round my little sister came up and asked if she could play with me. I said “Well yah,but your gonna be stuck as this guy.”. She said that was fine. After I beat her character we got it up real sister against sister fight. But in the middle of our fight my dad came up said it was time to go. So we left and got pizza from Little Ceasers for lunch. We also had strawberries with it. and I’ve been enjoying myself on here with the new posts and notifications. I got so many now I thought the little orange dot on top of the bell for minuet while typing this. Well that’s all I have. Bye!


Life is Good

I’m enjoying my life a lot more then I thought I ever would. I got a break from school yesterday. And had the best snack night last night. I also tried the three marker challenge last night. It became more of a ‘use this to help me draw something’ instead of a challenge. I really enjoy it and the second one I did was sooooo beautiful. And today has been good too. I really enjoy life now.

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No Pants?

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I’m out of freaking pajama pants! I think… I discovered it last night I had tossed my old PJ’s in the dirty laundry basket and dug around in my drawer for new pajamas only to come to the conclusion that I had only shirts now. I freaked out a little. …OK a lot. But I rolled with it any way. I put on a shirt hoping it was one of my ‘long’ shirts but sadly it was not. I have become to big for my ‘long’ shirts to be long. I was tugging down my shirt hoping that no one would notice my problem.

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I had chicken Alfredo for lunch today. It was really good. It was something my mom made.(Of course it was,she cooks every day!) I had a banana later and it was one of the ones that brown on it so it was sweeter than a regular banana. Speaking of bananas for breakfast all I had was a nectarine and a banana. Hey! We were running out of time. We had to go to this school to pick out books for me(even though we just took every book in the box except the phantom of the opera. Which was not my idea by the way). And then we had to get back home in time for lunch so my dad could eat and be out the door in time to go to work!

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Not Much

I gettin’ to the good part in my story. It’s coming to the part were Jane is told what she is expected to do. I’m probably going to start posting the chapters after I finish them. even if I didn’t get any opinions on that one post. I hope that will give you guys something to enjoy! I am here to please. That’s really all I got. …bye!