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I had chicken Alfredo for lunch today. It was really good. It was something my mom made.(Of course it was,she cooks every day!) I had a banana later and it was one of the ones that brown on it so it was sweeter than a regular banana. Speaking of bananas for breakfast all I had was a nectarine and a banana. Hey! We were running out of time. We had to go to this school to pick out books for me(even though we just took every book in the box except the phantom of the opera. Which was not my idea by the way). And then we had to get back home in time for lunch so my dad could eat and be out the door in time to go to work!


Author: randompony03

I LOVE to draw,I'm a totall anime dork.My favorite animes are Kalido Star,Pokemon,Humaniod Monster Bem,and that's it.I make alot of OC's.I like MyLittlePony and I'm not ashamed of it.My username was inspired by my pony OC Random Screech.I LIKE CATBUG!!!

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