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I open the window and whisper: Hello/How are you?

Just kidding! Those were actually lyrics to the song Hello/How are you? It’s really a good song. Oh No! I didn’t pt a song list on my post on Miku on my other blog! If I did Hello/How are you? would have totally been there. Darn! Well that’s all I have,BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Author: randompony03

I LOVE to draw,I'm a totall anime dork.My favorite animes are Kalido Star,Pokemon,Humaniod Monster Bem,and that's it.I make alot of OC's.I like MyLittlePony and I'm not ashamed of it.My username was inspired by my pony OC Random Screech.I LIKE CATBUG!!!

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