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Hello/How are You?

My question is the tittle exactly. How has life been for you. Also I have another question. I’m getting this from a blog I’m following,but I want to pass it on. What,if any,is the weirdest anime you have ever watched? That’s all. BYE!


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You all remember when I told you about my second blog right? Well,since I’m really,and I mean REALLY,into Vocaloids I like to do posts on them. But I ran out of ones I knew,so I had to search things up that I remember seeing other Vocaloids that didn’t know about. I started with typing Stop Nagging Me! because I remembered seeing this purple chick,but then I remembered the song I’ll Quit Singing an I was like *Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp!*. So i typed that and went scrolling through it finding all kinds of Vocaliods I never even knew about,I even wrote their names so I wouldn’t forget and knew I had a lot of searching to do. So that’s what I had today,BYE!

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You know those awards people can give you? they’re cool aren’t they. I’m not saying I have any,’cuz I don’t,but I’m not going to nag anybody for one or mope about how I don’t have any. I don’t care if I have one or not. I just thought it would be cool to answer questions for people.

Also I would like to share the song I listening to right now.

Hello/How are You?

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Do You Have A Joe?

When you read that tittle,your probably going to think I’m crazy,but I’ll tell you what I mean. My dad has a friend named Joe. Now when I was but a tot we used to go visit him and his family a lot. And I don’t remember if this was before I was born,or when I was so,but Joe used to call my dad,a lot. His answering machine was filled with messages from Joe saying that he wanted my dad to call him back. It was extremely annoying to father. Now earlier this summer I made a new friend,her name is Kyndra. She is mentally younger than she is physically. This is because of blood connection problems from when she was a baby. I’m getting off topic,anyway when she got my phone number she was very excited and called almost everyday. The messages piled up and the more there were,the sadder they got. She calmed down and stopped calling so much,but now my brother has a friend like that. His name is Jay. Now jay didn’t start out calling Holden(My brother) all the time,it was only just recently we started finding multiple messages from him. And since in our family,Joe started it we’re calling them Joe’s.

So my question is,do you or have you had your own Joe? Let me know in the comments below. BYE!


The Mirrors

You all remember when I mentioned Mirror Purple right? Well the other day I drew a picture of two characters from absolutely nothing. There was a more serious looking character having her mouth stretched into a smile by a more silly character who was right behind her. I didn’t like the picture enough to color it,but I decided that Iiked the characters enough to flesh them out. I drew a new picture with these characters and gave them names. The serious character earned the name Mirror Red and the silly character received the name Kadose. I decided to make more characters like Red,and thus became the Mirrors. They’re kind of like the Sailor Moon group or the Mew Mews.

Sailor Scouts

The Mew Mews

Although these guys can not be official until I can get some clarification from Mirror Purple. I have to ask (him/her) if the character he/she used to use for his/her profile picture is from something,and if not does he/she claim the rights to the character. If the answer is no to each of these question,then I will ask if I can have this character,and he/she says yes then I can make the Mirrors an official group. Just like the Sailor Scouts and the Mew Mews.

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Have You…?

You know,I was thinking about how different I am from everyone else,but not in a bad way,just ya know,how I like things that no one has any idea about. Like how I’m the only twelve year old I know who listens to vocaliod music and watches anime. Even when I was little I watched Inu Yasha and Cowboy Bebop,not even Pokemon like everyone else,nope! Oh,and little clips of Tokyo Mew Mew,no one knew of any of it,NOT EVEN STUDIO GIBLI MOVIES!!! But I’m getting off topic! Anyways,have you ever like something from another country that no one knew about? Let me know in the comments below.

Also I was listening to Kaito Music earlier. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever listened to his music,I’m now on Meiko,so I’d like to share! >u<!

Sakine Meiko-HONEY [MP3]

[MEIKO 10th Anniversary] Change Me-[Sakine Meiko Power]

Kaito-Crescent Moon

[KAITO & GUMI ENGLISH] Somebody That I Used To Know

Kaito-Bad Apple


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Sorry I haven’t posted recently,I’ve been really busy with VBS(vacation bible school). I was helping my parents out leading one of the groups. Boy,were these kids,….special! They got pretty attached to us after awhile. One of them tried to tell me that my male friend was my boyfriend. …okay. The other helper Lexi had to help another group one day and when she returned she told me that a kid sat on one of her legs and then some other kid sat on her other and the another kid sat on her lap. Then after that three more kids sat on down on top of the first three kids. then she was like “Uh,okay no one gets to sit on my lap anymore”. I am currently jamming to JubyPhonic music. And now it’s Lindsey Stirling. Today is extremely gross but it been pretty good.