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Sorry I haven’t posted recently,I’ve been really busy with VBS(vacation bible school). I was helping my parents out leading one of the groups. Boy,were these kids,….special! They got pretty attached to us after awhile. One of them tried to tell me that my male friend was my boyfriend. …okay. The other helper Lexi had to help another group one day and when she returned she told me that a kid sat on one of her legs and then some other kid sat on her other and the another kid sat on her lap. Then after that three more kids sat on down on top of the first three kids. then she was like “Uh,okay no one gets to sit on my lap anymore”. I am currently jamming to JubyPhonic music. And now it’s Lindsey Stirling. Today is extremely gross but it been pretty good.


Author: randompony03

I LOVE to draw,I'm a totall anime dork.My favorite animes are Kalido Star,Pokemon,Humaniod Monster Bem,and that's it.I make alot of OC's.I like MyLittlePony and I'm not ashamed of it.My username was inspired by my pony OC Random Screech.I LIKE CATBUG!!!

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