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MY B-Day!^u^ + Bonus Story

Hey guys! I am back and I’d like to tell you about my birthday which was three days ago!

Ok you guys,it’s April nineteenth and I wake up to the realization: “Oh crap it’s my birthday!”. I spent a bit of the morning in my PJ’s but eventually showered and dressed myself in my favorite outfit. We had pancakes for breakfast and they were PERFECT!

Next I set up a new Facebook account and played these following Facebook games:


Farmville 2

and last but not least,Candy Crush!

My parents thought it was funny that I played so many games in such little time. I can’t really blame them.

For lunch we ate homemade tacos (with store bought tortillas and salsa) and watched Rango. It was great.

After lunch we to the Gage bowling alley and played two games of bowling. At first I was sorta throwing the ball onto the track,but after playing for a while I started rolling. A certain part of Black Rock Shooter kept playing in my head.

When bowling was done we went back home and I started reading the manga my little sister had got me. It the first volume of Ranma 1 1/2,which was really good. My mom started cooking dinner and I went with my dad to Dillans to get oil. When we got back home I finished reading Ranma 1 1/2,then watched The Mummy with spaghetti while my siblings ate theirs in fort in our room.

After the movie I went to bed I read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban. Then I layed my head down to sleep and fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning I realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth before bed. Oops.


The Bonus Story

This is the story of Yesterday.

Yesterday my mom got me up at 7:30 am to clean the bathroom so later I could come with them to eat crunchy chicken sandwiches at my Grandma’s house.

So I got up did my business and cleaned the bathroom,slowly. My pace was…undesirable.

After cleaning and showering and dressing we went to my Grandma’s house. My mom was helping her pick up her home. The rest of us watched TV. I know that sounds really lazy,and it was. It was worse with my brother though,because a few days before he said “Maybe I can clean and earn some money when we go to Grandma’s!”,but what did he do? Nothing! That’s what. Plus when people were cooking my mom got me to make mashed potatoes,so I was the least bit productive. We watched Back To The Future with our lunch.

Then,we went home and I chalked part of a picture of Maika. There was this guy who came out and asked us if we had seen someone from Pizza Hut come here. We said ‘no’. He stayed out to wait for his pizza and started talking to my Grandma.(she came with us) He liked my picture. My sister picked up a blue piece of chalk and gave it to the guy and said “Here,draw something”. So he did. He drew a smiley face.

Eventually my parents came out and Had us come in to use the bathroom. And we did. Then we all clambered into the car to go to Dollar Tree.

We were buying snacks and drinks. Those of us with a purse handy would hide them in there. I got a caramel filled chocolate bar and a Cherry Coke. I was the savior with my big Cowboy Bebop bag.

We were stuffing the snacks into our purses on our way to the Holly Wood Theater. Yes,a movies theater.

Went in and the room we were going into was actually,for once,close to the front. What was the movie we went to see you ask? It was Zootopia! Which was a really good movie. It was sorta pushing the boundaries for a kid movie,but that’s one thing that made it special. It was a little scary for my sister and she kept saying,out loud, ‘I want to go home’. Poor thing.

Now,I probably would have enjoyed the parts with the character Flash in them more if my mom hadn’t kept craning forward to point at me,but after that morning…it made sense.

That’s really all I wanted to say,BYEEEEEEE!



What’s your groove?

Hey guys I’m back once more! I have a question for you! I actually thought of this in the Teen Room at the Library,anyway!

Do you listen to music when you blog,and if you do what do you listen to?

I myself listen to a lot of JubyPhonic covers. What can I say? She the best of the best. Well,in my opinion. Here’s  a few examples:

A Female Ninja,But I Want To Love

Yuukei Yesterday


Ten Faced

I also listen to a lot of regular VOCALIOD music. Some depressing,some Mayu,some Maika,and blah blah blah! Here’s some examples:

Hello/How are You?

Bad Apple


A Lie and a Stuffed Animal

Plus some Lindsey Stirling. Gotta get some Lindsey in there! :3

Roundtable Rival

Shatter Me



Well that should get you up to speed on my taste of music. Hey,maybe you’ll spark an interest in at least one of these genres.

So I hope you enjoyed this musical post,and maybe you’ll get me up to speed with your taste in music. BYEEEE!