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It’s been quit some time hasn’t it? Well,once again sorry.

Well,recently I did up my face in a ‘Candy Clown’ way. Here,let me show you:

Here She Is!┬áPlease excuse the long intro,but do try to enjoy the video. She’s really cute.

Yesterday I did up my face like this,sorta,and walked around HyVee. I made lots of people smile ^u^! I don’t have a wig like that,so instead I put my hair up in a side bun. To tell the truth,I have no wigs at all. Whatever.

Sadly that’s really all I have to tell,I haven’t really been doing anything that’s interesting.

WAIT!! Recently My mom,sister,and I have been having a ‘Girls Night’ every Thursday. We have a really cool dinner,and snack/dessert and watch a movie together. There’s also been some decorating of the body some way some how.

Well,that’s all,BYEEEEEEEE!