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Why Am I So Slow?!!


It has been a while hasn’t it? SO BUSY WITH LIFE!

Why do I get so caught up that I can’t even bother to post something new for my followers? I’ve been so busy with life and Facebook I forgot about this blog..until recently. I had actually begun to think that my blog would be removed because I hadn’t used it in so long. But,then again,I worry to much..

Well,anyway I suppose I should tell you about tonight so that I have something to talk about other than how sorry I am.

Well,tonight my church did something called Oz Fest. It was really fun. We watched The Wizard of Oz,as one would expect from an Oz Fest,and ate food themed to the movie(apples,hot dogs,jello,corn ect.),but that’s not all we did. there were trivia questions too! There were twenty to answer before the movie,and five throughout the movie.

Plus if any of you believe that silly Urban Rumor,that you can see a Munchkin comitting suicide,well your wrong. I seen it with my eyes,on a giant,what would you call it?,projection screen that i was not Munchkin. It was in fact an Ostrich that raised it’s wings for a split second. I watched it graze before doing so.

Well,that’s all for now. BYEEEEEEE!