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Hello everyone,it’s been a while hasn’t it. so sorry. I’ve been too busy+lazy to post anything. but I’m here now!

Okay so a bit ago I got into this comic series on Deviantart called Kid and Teenagers(KnT). It’s really funny,and it inspired me to start my own series. It’s similar to KnT. I call it Boy and Girls(BnG). The main characters are Theo(The Ted),Christy(The Christ,real creative right?),James(The Aiden),and Phel(The Foofy). Even though it’s like a recreation or something I’ve decided that they all exist in the same universe. I Have taken pictures and hop to put them up soon. If I can remember..

Moving on! I also went to see a play a while back. But not just any play. It was Disney’s The Little Mermaid. As a play. It was really cool. It was changed in some ways,which I mostly OK with,but I was a little upset about the changes to Poor Unfortunate Souls.(did I really just spell that right?) But still. Cool.

Also! Yesterday I got sick. But I think I’m better now! Yay! which is good because I have somewhere to be next week. Speaking of next week…

We’re moving next week! (insert party blower sound here) WOO HOO!! We got the OK during the inspection today and we’re gonna get the house! So excited.

Well,that’s all for now. BYEEEEEEE!