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What is my life?

Hello. sorry for the delay.

now let’s get into it shall we.

I now SERIOUSLY love,love,LOVE KnT! And one of the main characters *cough*Ted!*cough* has made me rediscover my love of watermelon. So because of that I’ve been wearing this watermelon flavored/scented lip balm pretty much everyday. Thanks Ted!

Also I am in a new Girlscout troop and I just got back from a camping trip. Whew. It was hot.

And to make things more fun the other day I tripped landed in my closet and got a humungous bruise on the side of my left foot. It’s still there and yesterday developed darker spots all around it. My mom thinks I may have broken something. I think it was from wearing tennis shoes. Oh well.

that’s all. BYEEEEEEEEEEE!