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Guess Who’s Back!

Hello everybody! It’s been several months since last I blogged.

and I am so sorry about that…

But I’m back so that’s the good news!

Okay,I have so much to tell you! I think… Anyway! First off I’d like to tell about my current obsession! It is the anime that kids these days have know idea about,Cowboy Bebop!

I am in love with this show! I’m watching it for the second time now! So as you can tell from I’ve just said,I’ve watched the whole thing,BUT I didn’t tell you I watched the movie aswell!

I ‘ll talk more about it on my other blog,throughtheeyesofanime . Also awhile back I went to Naka-Kon with  my new Girlscout Troop.(Yes,Pony is a scout now) OMG it was amazing! I yelled at so many people! I-n a good way. Whenever I saw a character I reconized I yelled a hello at them. I even got into a conversation with a Rin cosplayist about cosplay. I had seen this Rin earlier.

Whal I was there I went to a karioke room to listen. You’ll never guess what happened there! When we walked in someone was finishing up a song. And the first whole song we heard was Unravle! A song I had currently obressed over.Then after that a Len cosplayer went up. He was awesome! He added the flare and everything! Then after him some chick came up and sang Senbonzakura!

I’ve been sick for the past couple of days,but I feel pretty good today. 🙂

Plus next month is my B-day!

Plus-plus! We’re planing to move into a house this year! YAY! 😀

Well that’s all I got. What more can I say then:

See you,

Space Cowboy

The Gang



Holdenism #2

Holdenism: Are chickens smaller then turkeys?

Dad: Slowly looks over at Holden with an ‘are you serious?’ look.

Holden: I’ll take that as a yes.

Before this happened we were talking about a video where this chick found a chicken in their turkey and was freaking out because she thought the turkey had a baby,despite the fact that the chicken had been defeathered and decapitated.




That was me rageing at the stupid internet I love so much.

I had to look for craft ideas for the bazaar next year. Christmas crafts,if you didn’t know. I had some difficulties.

  1. I had to find a good website to look for crafts.
  2. The internet was difficult with trying to figure out a way to save what I found.

It’s a real pain in the patutity. So I hope the people that get my crafts next year are satisfied. Merry F’ing Christmas!

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Hey guys,I’ve been PMSing hardcore today. You know what I mean right ladies?

I’ve been really whimpery,and sad. I kept whining and crying.

But on a happier note,that post I made last night is something new I’m starting. My brother Holden says some pretty funny things sometimes so I’ve decided to start putting them down.

That’s really all I have,BYEEEEEEE!


Music In Your Head?

Hey guys! I have finally returned!

Recently Music has been buzzing in my brain A LOT! … It’ great! (^)  Mainly the song Lost One’s Weeping. (Which the picture above is from) There’s also been some shadow appearances from Game of Life. I would add the arrows,but I can’t. Also,wait. I might as well just list the songs so I’m not ranting. Let’s see. Lost Ones Weeping,Game of Life,A Female Ninja,But I Want To Love And a BUNCH of songs I don’t now the name of. Surprisingly all the songs I could actually list were JubyPhonic songs. (No its not you stupid ..Sorry)

Phew! Ok plus I was watching some YouTube today and I have a new YouTuber to add to my liking. Please Welcome Venus Angelic!


Ain’t she cute?

Also on the topic of YouTube. I watched some Baylee Jae and saw a collab she did.

This one.

And it made me want to do a collab with somebody. So I have a question.

My creative friends,would you like to do a collab with me? I know that I’m into anime and you don’t do that,BUT! I’ve found my own style! and I’ll try to video it and put it here. It will not be YouTube vid because I don’t have an account,but it will be like our special thing. You don’t have to if you don’t want,so don’t feel like you have to because I’m desperate. ‘Cause I’m not. And if all of you do that’s fine too because,well,More Fun!

That’s all for now. BYEEEEEEEEE!



Hi guys. Sorry it’s been so ling been busy with school+had to go to Nebraska+plus had a B-Day party to go to+been busy with life.

I did not finish today’s school work but my mom cut me off and is forcing me to do something “fun”. This was one of the options. And I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy putting things out for you guys,I just didn’t want to do anything fun. I was very depressed and afraid I get in trouble for not having completed my school. I couldn’t focus today OK?T_T I’m sorry I snapped at you…. But I think there’s something wrong with me. I feel like there’s no point in my existence anymore. I don’t draw as much as I often did when I free time I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. Nothing sounds interesting. I hate getting on the computer with free time ‘cuz all I do is wast my time reading posts from blogs I’m following or watch YouTube videos. Why was I ever even born? What’s my purpose in this world? I think about what might happen to me in the future and all I see is sad women failing at life. My parent like to joke around about what will happen to my siblings and I when we grow up and from what hear Wachiwi’s gonna be a dude magnet,Holden and awesome Uncle,and me a dead beat mom who’s no fun,and who’s kids rely on their uncle to show them a fun time. My life sucks.