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Hey! I’m back. I have something I’d like to tell you. For awhile I lost my will to draw and I found it really boring to even just think about it,…BUT! Good news. Yesterday I drew a character I had stuck in my mind for awhile and now I think that spark has been revived! Whoo Hoo! That’s all. BYEEEEEEEEEEE!



H,A,Double L,O,Double E,W,N. That. Spells. HALLOWEEN!

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay! But as you all know October is apoun us,and Halloween is approaching! My question of the day (Night really. It’s 7:53 PM,I hear the crickets chirping) iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis,*drum roll* What you (if you are at all) dressing up as for Halloween?! I’m being a killer clown this year. It took me an extremely long time to figure out what I wanted to be. At first I had no clue what-so-ever. Then I thought about being Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew like I did oh so many moons ago.

Ichigo's Page

Then when it was decided that costume was a bad choice because of my body type and the collar type of the dress then I was sad and clueless. Then an idea struck me. Do any of you know of the show Orphan Black? Well,there’s a character named Helena,and my real name is Helena,so I decided to be Helena.


But after some time I wasn’t as excited about the costume as I was at the start. So I was left clueless for a lengthy period.

Then My friend’s mother told us of a Halloween store at the Mall. So we went there and I saw a costume for a Killer Clown,and instantly fell in love with it. We didn’t buy it of coarse,to expensive,but we’re making one like it. I’ve been practicing my makeup for the costume and I’m wearing it right now. I wish I could show you pictures of the store costume and my makeup but I don’t have pics of those. Well tah,tah for now!

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Pony’s Return!

Hey guys! Please,please,please,please,please,please,PLEEEEAAAASE! Forgive me for not posting in such a long time! I’ve been really caught up in school. First I was drowning in school work and falling further and further back in school. Now the School was bent to my advantage and it’s a lot easier. I’ve explored more into the music of JubyPhonic. I’ve heard so many of her covers I can’t keep track of all of the names. Although there is one called WILDFIRE! that gets stuck in my head quite often,and the music box part of the music box [Lizz] cover of Bad Apple. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. I actually kind of enjoy it. Oh! In Texas I had a copy of Avalon Circles in the Stream,so one day at a thrift store I found it there and I got so excited. I am now the proud owner of this book once again. I intend to finish it this time though. Oh! I don’t think I ever mentioned that one day my family and I went to Laurence and there was a Half Price Books there and I got the first and fifth copy of Tokyo Mew Mew along with a Sketch book. Please let me know if I have mentioned this before. Well that’s all. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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You know,Ive been listening to a lot of depressing music lately,but I make up for it with I Fall and Stay Down,Love Logic,A Lie and A Stuffed Animal,Caramel Sugar,I Want to Change the World,PONPONPON,Ten Faced,Yuukei Yesterday,and Drop Pop Candy. Let me share some stuff.

Irony [English Cover by Lizz

Eight Hundred [English Cover + Piano By JubyPhonic]

Bad apple [English Cover by Lizz]

Hello/How are You? [Hatsune Miku Soft]

So yah,that’s what I had,BYEEEEEEE!

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It’s Been So Long

Hey guys,I am so sorry for the wait! I’ve been really busy doin’ summer stuff and other thingies,plus my school is now back in business(not,not literally) and so that’s really held me up. I haven’t really had the time to sit down and post something. I haven’t even been on the internet recently,until,now…

Anyway I was listening to music whal I blog,like I do,when suddenly I ran out of songs listen to these days and so,I TOOK A WALK THROUGH THE PAST! I listened to some songs that I listened to when I was little. Remember when I told you about those Mew Mew vids with the songs? Well I found them! Here I’ll share with you the songs I listened to.

Lipstick On Your Collar by Connie Francis 1959

Tokyo Mew Mew Mower AMV – Bad Boy

Tokyo Mew Mew Butterfly

That’s what I listened to. *starts crying* It’s like my childhood all over again! T-T/:)

That’s all I had for today,BYEEEE!

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Pictures up to the ears!

The tittle pretty much sums it up,I have pictures up to my ears. …It’s great! On my other blog,throughtheeyesofanime I have had to download a lot of pictures to my computer just to add a nice feel to it. So because of this I have a lot of pictures. I’m actually OK with it,I just wanted to tell you. I also want to tell you that I really like MAYU. She has really good songs. “Who is MAYU?” you ask? click here and your question will be answered.

Do you know now? Good. Did you listen to the songs? If you didn’t,you really should. If you did listen to the songs,do you like her too? Do you not like her? Let me know.

That’s all,BYE!

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Leaning Lyrics

Remember when told you about JubyPhonic? Well since I listen to her music a lot I’ve learned a lot of lyrics to a lot of the songs that she sings. It makes me happy! Especially since I’ve learned a lot of Drop Pop Candy,which I adore by the way! thought I wouldn’t by able to nail the lyrics to Drop Pop Candy,or Ten Faced but I’ve learned a lot more than I thought I would. Oh! I forgot PonPonPon! I learned a lot of that too. The song I know the most of is Drop Pop Candy. Oh! I have a question now! Is there a song that you really,really,really like and wanted to learned the lyrics to just by listening to it a lot?